List of my favourite Android apps

Review of Enhanced Ring Control

This is on sweet app to have if you have pics aka 4.0+ on your android phone. ICS Enhanced Ringer Control is a must. Why, I don’t know if you all noticed that you can’t un-link your ringtone and alerts volume on 4.0+.

Well this app you can, and set the volume on your android that is running ics. It also override the office setting to your Android device. The only thing missing is saving profiles.

It is a paid app but worth every penny. I give this app a 5.0 Androids the highest given here on Android Plus. I don’t use stars on my blogs. If you would like here is the link >>> here.

Check out “ICS Enhanced Ringer Control” i know you all would love this app like I do.

Review of XBMC Remote

If you know about XBMC media center, then this app you all are going to love. XBMC is open source media player and it my default on my laptop. The XBMC remote is a great app to have on your android.

You can have full access to the XBMC player by way of wifi. After you download this application all you do is turn on wifi and set your isp on the appropriate and there you have it. XBMC to me is the best media center and this XBMC remote application goes great with this media center.

This app get a 5 Android rating from me and is #1 app on my top 5 Apps.

To get Xbmc media center go to and after that check out the remote app in Android market.